Running and fitness tech chat from the least likely of people

7 Jul July

You'll notice things are a little tighter from episodes 1 to 2, but this wasn't a steady improvement—between Episode 1 and 2 there's a missing tape.

The original show 2, now known as show 1.5 in the official continuity, was pretty rough because the tweaks we made to the tech set up caused real issues in the flow of the chat. There was some good stuff here which we will cycle back into the chat in future episodes. In particular we've lost some amazing chat about the Rutger Hauer movie Wedlock, our holy grail: the perfect pair of Bluetooth headphones, and that time Nick smashed his PB for 5k on scampi and chips with a pint of Guinness.

Also during the missing week, Jon's marathon plan took him all the way to 15 miles for the first time. The first 14 miles were great, and Jon's cockily said he can pull out a half marathon "whenever and wherever" but that 15th mile nearly ended him: we discussed plateaus and how they change over time with the focus of your training.