Running and fitness tech chat from the least likely of people

30 Jun June

You Don't Look Like a Runner No. 1

Nick and Jon finally get round to talking about running, weight training, and exercise tech from the perspective of two 30-somethings who spend way too much time coding, running, listening to podcasts, and talking about starting a podcast about running, weight training and equipment from the perspective of two 30 somethings who can terminate a recursion pretty neatly.

This week we talked about:

  • are the microphones working?
  • the absolute shambles that is Poundland these days
  • some people are saying” you lose more weight on the weights than you do on the road
  • Nick will sell you some Kettlebells
  • Jon is training for a marathon
  • BUPA marathon, half marathon and 10km training plans
  • goodgym
  • carrying tech while you sport
  • whether or not a gold plated USB cable will help us win advertising from Blue Apron

Blue Apron haven’t called yet but they or you can find us on Twitter @ngmoreton and @jonhickman and the show is @runnerpod

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