Looking for Good

Episode 1 June 30, 2017 01:19:41
Looking for Good
You don't look like a runner
Looking for Good

Jun 30 2017 | 01:19:41


Hosted By

Jon Hickman

Show Notes

Nick and Jon finally get round to talking about running, weight training, and exercise tech from the perspective of two 30-somethings who spend way too much time coding, running, listening to podcasts, and talking about starting a podcast about running, weight training and equipment from the perspective of two 30 somethings who can terminate a recursion pretty neatly. This week we talked about: * are the microphones working? * the absolute shambles that is Poundland these days * “[some people are saying](https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/strength-training-for-fat-loss-building-a-bigger-engine.html)” you lose more weight on the weights than you do on the road * Nick will sell you some Kettlebells * Jon is training for a marathon * BUPA [marathon](https://www.bupa.co.uk/health-information/directory/r/running-programme-marathon), [half marathon](https://www.bupa.co.uk/health-information/Directory/R/running-programme-half-marathon) and [10km](https://www.bupa.co.uk/health-information/Directory/R/running-programme-10km) training plans * [goodgym](https://www.goodgym.org) * carrying tech while you sport * whether or not a gold plated USB cable will help us win advertising from Blue Apron Blue Apron haven’t called yet but they or you can find us on Twitter @[ngmoreton](http://twitter.com/ngmoreton) and @[jonhickman](http://www.twitter.com/jonhickman) and the show is @[runnerpod](http://twitter.com/runnerpod) You may wish to buy these things: * Govivo Running Belt * Shorts with big pockets Thanks to [Podiant](http://www.podiant.co)—professional-grade podcast hosting at a price you choose—for supporting You Don't Look Like a Runner.

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