Having a go at the Baddies

Episode 37 October 23, 2018 00:54:17
Having a go at the Baddies
You don't look like a runner
Having a go at the Baddies

Oct 23 2018 | 00:54:17


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Jon Hickman

Show Notes

Welcome to this week’s runner pod a podcast for pod people where we discuss sleep pods and AirPods and pod hotels. And Dave Mustaine too. * [Nick begrudgingly enjoyed this gift](https://www.lastexittonowhere.com/) * [Nick was very suspicious about this gift](https://www.dreams.co.uk/sleeppal-sleep-tracker/p/200-00010) * [Nick set Jon some homework to watch Some Kind of Monster](https://amzn.to/2D1ktjW)

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