Sons of Alvechurch

Episode 6 August 14, 2017 00:56:53
Sons of Alvechurch
You don't look like a runner
Sons of Alvechurch

Aug 14 2017 | 00:56:53


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Jon Hickman

Show Notes

How do you choose the right swimming lane or the right pace group for a club run? We talk about the challenges and benefits of mixed ability group work and along the way we discuss fitting training into our lives. Nick owes Shelter a lot of money, Jon has joined a cycle gang by mistake, and we open a bitter feud with our favourite top tier podcaster. ## This week * How [clock speeds ruined Nick’s life]( * Even the [experts have this problem]( and [if they’ve fixed it they’re not sharing]( * Some specialist podcast production software: [Hindenburg](, [Zencastr](, [Cast]( * Running groups UK wide: [Park Run]( and [Great Run Local]( * Shelter training plans (PDF): [half marathon](, [marathon]( * Evans [Fix It]( courses. * [Thank You Bicycle Repair Man]( * [The cycle helmet debate]( * The [peloton]( [here’s the scientists explaining it]( * [A primer on bike tyres]( * [SwimFit training cards]( * [Jon’s embarrassing lycra problem]( * [Nick pays his dues]( * [Do By Friday](’s personal attack on Jon. You can find us on [Apple Podcasts](, [Stitcher](, on [Pocket Casts]( and [Overcast]( or anywhere you like to get podcasts. Please do subscribe and leave us some reviews. It’s a huge help and it’s nice to know that you care. We are online at []( where you can look through old episodes, read show notes and blog posts. Comments, questions and thoughts please tweet us [@runnerpod]( [@jonhickman]( or [@ngmoreton]( You can email us [email protected]. Thanks to [Podiant](—professional-grade podcast hosting at a price you choose—for supporting _You Don’t Look Like a Runner_.

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